Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Wow. Am I tired or what. The Euro Tour was absolutely amazing! I had a wonderful trip. 3 weeks, one bus, 50 exchange students. 

Brazilians, Indians, Americans, Mexicans, Australiens, New Zealenders, Taiwan, Belgium, Argentenians, Columbians, Chileans, Ecuadorians, Japanese, and Germans.

As you can imagine is was quite a cultured crazy group.

Seeing the different european cities was quite an amazing adventure! They were all so different but yet still held to the european way. Lots of history, lots of class, and over all I noticed the people were very laid back and calm. 

My favorite overall city was Paris. Even though the french people didn't like tourists, I loved the way that they didn't conformto  becoming a tourist city. They remained totally french. I would live there if I had the chance.

Italy had the best food
France had the most interesting people
Amsterdam was the most artistic
Vienna was the most organized
Venice was the most beautiful
Rome had the craziest drivers and nice people
Pisa had the most tourists- and delicious cannolis
Belgium was the most Bi-lingual
Florence had the best weather
Prague was the city right out of a fairy tale
Monaco had the best beaches- I havent seen more people wearing polos as they do there ever before in my life

I couldnt really say I enjoyed one more than the other, but I had an absolutely amazing time in every unique city.

It was amazing! 
"push it over! mohahah"

THE POPE- that was so cool

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Vienna & Italian Opera

it You would not beleieve what I just did.Well maybe if you read the title first. It was one of my favorite expierences in this whole year. ITALIAN OPERA. 

As spending my day in Vienna, we were looking for things to do in the afternoon. Our bus driver randomly mentioned theatre for 4€,  I wrote that down and dint forget it. After our 4 hour bus tour, I ran up to our Rotary guy, and asked about it...but he mentioned opera as well. I actually had a spasm. I have wanted to go to an Opera this whole year. I ACTUALLY WENT. All that I spent was 4€, and I saw the Italian version of Cinderella in the state opera house of vienna. I was in the same room as people who would have payed anywhere from 50-400€ for there tickets. 

But if course...there must be a catch to what I am saying..right? Well you've got it. I had a ticket for the standing up section. Thats right, I stood during a 3 hour opera show.I dont know what happened, but I survived and it was great! That is the reason they were so cheap, but you have to arrive early. 

the standong section had no dress code, and as we spontaneously went to this opera house we were wearing our tourist gear. Thats right...backpacks, fannypacks, and tshirts. We were lucky we didnt have to run home or we would not have made it!  We were the goofy looking crew surrounded by Viennas Elite...but it was quite fun! We laughed it off.

And by we, you may be asking who exactly. I was with 2 Rotex, 2 Americans, 1 Australien, and 1 Argentenian. It was a fun group!

Today I ate vegetarian schnitzel- this is typical Austrian. Except usually its meat. Its so strange, I am really not liking meat anymore here. 

It was great!

On the 4 hour tour today we went all around Vienna, and saw the main attractions. My favorite part was going to the museum of Sisi. Maybe you do not know about her, but I find her to be one of the most interesting historical people that exsisted. She married at 16, to her sisters arranged marriage man. All through her life she did not want the duty of a royal, and wanted to be free from the spotlight. I wont spoil her history, but you should definatly google her. They have  movies too.


I was laughing at this when I saw it because it hust looks so European. 

Currently, Vienna is hosting something called "EuroVision" It is like American Idol for all o Europe, and every country submits someone. So I just came back from a public viewing at the city hall.  There were so many foreigners screaming for there country. It was great

I am currently sitting in Mcdonalds, eating Macaroons and utilizing the free wifi. 

Still keeping my eyes peeled for those pick pocketers! Love You all and looking forward  to my last day in Vienna tommorow. :)




Today I took off for a 21 day around Europe Adventure!

After acting like a ridiculous bafoon, and putting off packing- I woke up at 6 am to complete  all of my packing. I was really avoiding it- because I have a tendancy to over  pack.

We left Hamburg at 10:30, with 45 exchange students loaded onto one bus headed to Prague. 

The 9 hour drive was a bit ridiculous- filled with loud singing, reading, napping, guitar playing. I of course was making up songs with a girl and her Ukelele! About everything from Friend Chicken to Obama. a bit strange you may think but it passed the time.

Finally we were in Prague! Around 8:30pm or so.  Driving through the small streets with a very large bus, brought a lot of fear to the people! We were sure we would hit a car, the bus driver had to continuously back up the bus- it was pretty scary..but eventually we made it to our Hotel! 

The Hotel is very nice! We all ate dinner, a very interesting meat and potatoes type of thing, where we then afterwards went for a walk through the "Old City" section. It was so beautiful! Imagine San Fransisco with a midevil twist. Very cool. 

Tommorow I am excited to get to know the City, Dat 1 was a sucess. 

the artsy dressed hipster exchange students! 

Goodbye Prague

Early this morning I said a sad goodbye to Prague. Prague was such a beautiful city! Midevil San Fransisco will be missed. 

The money change was definitely confusing. 1 Euro was equal to 26,5 Krones. However, many people exchanged it for 25 or even 27. You had to hunt for the best deal. The weirdest thing was in many shopes they accepted Euros. 

In Prague, I bought the cheapest, yet most artistic Jewlery! They have a large bridge, and there they have many artists selling things. I had to search but I got a great necklace for 3€ ! It is a monster elephant :) 

I also saw a castle in prague, with a freat view. They have a church there that was built in year 900- that is crazy old!

During the tour, the woman told us that during this time many people were murdered. Because prague had no Royal familys, the rich were the replacment. 
When some wealthy people wanted fo become the higest elite person, thy would sinply murder the other family- and that was very common in the time.  CRAZY. 

In Prague we also went to a John lennon wall. It was all about peace, this was my favorite thing we found. It was so colorful and uplifting about who we are as humans.

I signed my name!!

I am about to go to sleep in a hotel in Vienna. I arrived today, took a city tour, and then had a tea party with the other exchange students. It feels good to be back in a german speaking country! I am really excited about Vienna, I cant wait to get to know it. 

I am also on a dirndl hunt here, I let you know how it goes.

Sending love, and wishing you a good night!

*Continuing to survive the trip of 50 exchange students!* ;)

Saturday, May 16, 2015


Greetings loved ones. Lately I have had some issues with technology, so I am sorry for not blogging recently.

I want to tell you all about this great museum I went to on Sunday. It was all about the immigration to the south and north america from the harbor in Hamburg. 

It displayed the wave of political aggrevation and the flee to the "new lands". People were leaving Germany in the early 1900s and late 1800s.

They would all take large, 8 week ships to reach New York. There were many levels based upon how much you could pay for your ticket, the rich paid 400 marks, where as poor people were paying around 60. The cost was the difference between Luxury, or disease infested dirt floors.

The craziest thing that I learned, is that if you ended up sick, or that you answered a question wrong during your interview upon arrival-you would be sent home. The long journey would have been a waste if you said " You were looking for work" Or any other question answered incorectly. 

It was also very interesting to read about the people who changed there names upon arrival. They all wanted to sound more american. It was good for finding work and fitting in, but it was bad because many family trees are mixed up today.

Did you know that there are over 80 German newspapers in the US? They still make the news in German for many americans today. I thought that was really cool.

I am now waiting for my Sport class to begin, but infortunately today I cant play because last week I had bronchitis. 

But today I plan on going on a nice bikeride through the forest across my house. 

I will try and keep you updated better. 


Random photo walking down the street

A famous chocolate called " Cat Tongues" WEIRD!

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Say What

There are some many differences here in this great country!

1: Wires

In the US, I bet it is no big deal to see wires strapped all around the streets. But, here in Germany everything is buried underground. I did not even notice this until recently. I was having a conversation about Amish people (they don't have them here). I told them you cant even see the wires out on country roads...and then it occurred to me you can see any here!

2: Caller ID
Caller ID? Nope that one does not exists here. So then you may assume there is a lot of prank calling..but surprisingly not. There are actually a lot more phone stalkers.People who breath, dont talk, or just call and hang up. There are many campaigns here that encourage you to blow a whistle into the phone.Apparently this completely distorts on the other end. ...Am I too young to know something like this or is it just German? (I heard this also works for telemarketers...eeek)

3: Homeschooling

ILLEGAL. Thats right, that is not allowed here. The government requires that you must bring your child to public school/private school. It is a bit opposite because here public schools are considered better, and more prestigious.
. Green

People here are very green oriented. You MUST shut off the lights if you are not in the room. You must also absolutely separate all of your trash. I had a hard time adjusting to that one...but it makes total sense to me now. It would be great if the rest of the world did it too.  They separate, paper-plastic-Bio-Cans-Glass.

5. Dinner Time? Nooo

Typical families eat one hot meal a day, and that is at about 2pm. It is not necessarily considered Lunch, but rather "mittag essen" afternoon food. People eat breakfast, and then bread at about 11, Mittag Essen at 2, and then what they call evening bread at about 8 or 9.

6. Movies

Do you remember when all of the movie stores went out of business? That never happened here, and redbox does not exist. Netflix just arrived to Germany in October, movie stores are still thriving. It is definitely like hopping in another time zone.

7.  Sacred Sunday
On Sunday, you had better not have plans to mow your lawn, or have a party..because Sunday here is sacred. Stores are closed, and you are expected to keep quiet. (Random fact 24 hour places do not exist...and there is no fast food in my city) It is the relax day.

8. News

With the recent plane crash, Germans have access to information faster than the US news gets it. When the US breaking news comes in,it is about 5 hours behind mine. I think it is the fact checking and translating. I am sure its just the other way around when it happens in the US. What I found very interesting,is that German news is very modest. They did not show the faces of the family members on TV. They kept there a distance. I realized US news is a bit more aggressive, in capturing everything. Which is not a bad thing, but very different and interesting to see the differences.

9. English?

Everyone here can speak it..everyone. It is totally crazy, great at some points when you may be totally lost in a train station, but bad when people want to practice.

10. Cars

I take driving for granted!! Here the age to get a drivers license is 18. I have to ride my bike to school 2 miles everyday..through country roads. It is actually a great experience, and nice to be outside everyday.  But totally different to what I was used to.

That just tasted like deer. But still a horrifying, gratifying, once in a life time experience.

Lets just all take a moment and cry, because that is what I almost did. It actually tastes like blood. I don't know what I was expecting.

Germany is treating me well! I am having a great time. :)))

Monday, March 2, 2015


Servus!! Yesterday I left the North, for a week of good old southern Bavaria. It is my Hosties holiday break, (he is a school teacher in Hamburg and has a different break than I do) So I am fortunate to spend an extra week exploring Germany. 

The city I am in is called Gemünden. It is a small city outside of Würzburg. It is a really cute town, with a big river flowing through it called "Mein". We are in this part pf Bavaria because my Hostys brother lives here.  Yesterday we had dinner with them. It was a picture perfect german meal. For all of you who do not know, Bavaria is what Americans think the whole of germany is like. Here they actually wear Dirndls, eat wurst, and drink LOTS of Beer. Because I am living in the north we actually do not have Dirndls, or eat as much wurst. The north is more fishermen. 

It is really funny to me, because Northern Germans think Bavarians are really strange, and Bavarians think the same right back. Also, the bavarian accent is much different. It sounds like german mixed with a thick irish accent to me. I love it.

So I am so excited to be trying all of this! It feels like a whole different country.

So let me get back to dinner, it was picture perfect. We ate this meat thing, called "leberkase" which translates to living cheese. But the funny thing is that it was not living, or cheese. When I asked the wife of the brother (her name is Grenada, and he is Heins-Otto, very german) she said "ohh das ist fleisch" meaning "well thats meat". "Yes, but what exactly?" (I was speaking all in german) She told me it was a mixture of cow and pig. Thoughts in my head (RUN. RUN FAST, fast and far and get out of here) but on the outside, at least I think, I looked pretty calm. But I cant control my face, so perhaps a problem. It tasted like. hotdog. 
Then we had pretzels, sweet mustard, potato salad, and beer. Like a true german. It was all suprisingly really delicious! After dinner I tried on there daughters Drindl. I was really feeling german then. 

A very famous wurst in Bavaria is called "Weiß Wurst" like white wurst. I will eat that soon. But Otto was saying how Bavaria is "bordered by a white wurst equator" figuratively speaking of course...and that the worlds greatest humans live under this equator, and all the weirdos live above it. This is the humor they use to separate the two parts of the country. I love it. 

Today, I went to the city of Gemünden. We walked the 3km to the center. There is this castle at the top of the city, so we checked that out, and then went to have coffee and cake afterwards.

It was wonderful!! Tommorow we will go to another castle, and to a year round christmas food store. Also......pray for me...because I will be eating COWS FEET. feet. feet. (it just echoes in my brain), then....blood wurst...yes, blood. GULP.  I was going to eat Cow Brain as well, but we are not so sure we can find it. So, gulp. You will get another post soon, if I survive. :)

Leftovers from Yesterday, with a fried egg on top.

The lovely Apple Cake and Coffee

Gemünden (Amira, the lovely host dog)

This lovely Dirndl.

This is the castle, they do outdoor concerts here, and vecause it is the top of a mountain/hill/thing the music föows down to the city!

Whered Repunzel? This was built in 1342!!

Me sporting the "I just climbed up a mountain, tired Tourist look". It was crazy!  Suddenly after climbing up this steep mountain thing was a huge add for Beer.

These hilly things, what  are they called in English. This has become a struggle, they are called Bourgs in german.

Here in the Butchers Shop

Foot. :0

Interesting door handle. 

This morning at breakfast, my hosty put jelly on cheese and it looked really weird.

Ok Thank You for reading this forever long post!! I am loving Germany, every second of it! (Even if I am eating parts of animals that shouldnt be eaten ;) )

*As usual I cant check the spelling on this, so deal with it you grammar freaks! ;)*